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Room is a high end bespoke furniture shop based in Oslo, Norway. They sell predominantly through their nationwide reputation, in store and over the phone for web enquiries.

The Assignment

We were tasked with creating an aspirational web design and build which complimented its high end fashionable furniture. The site had to act like an E-commerce site (as a customer journey) but would actually direct the user to call or enquire in store about the product.

The Solution

The design was product led and a mix of vibrant browns,oranges,blues were used to give the site a very modern, flamboyant yet stylish feel to compliment the array of wonderfully bizarre products.

The development was based around a CMS system built in an E-commerce structure. We created  a number of bespoke functions including interactive homepage sliders that allowed product click overlays (that would go direct to product pages) to give the site an interactive user feel and allow the shop to showcase its top products/sale items quickly and easily.

The Upshot

Room.no has seen user engagements metrics greatly improve since the launch of the new website, including a 30% drop in site wide bounce rates and an average page views up 50% and time average time on site up over 90%.


Website Design & Development



Services involved:

  • cms development manchester

    a CMS (Content Management System) was deployed to allow you to edit, amend and add new content

  • web design manchester
    Web Design

    We created a look, feel, colour scheme, structure and function to suit the client and their users.

  • illustration design manchester

    We created a visual representation of a story and message to suit the client needs.

  • SEO site audit manchester

    Thorough analysis of market positioning resulting in determining a tailored SEO solution

  • blog outreach services
    Blog Outreach

    Highly relevant bloggers and influencers were targeted / contacted and leveraged for links and traffic.

  • content writing manchester
    Content Curation

    A content strategy was devised, researched and employed on the client site and outreach program to generate traffic, engagement and sales.